Whether you see an incentive as a reward or encouragement, when properly used it can be an important tool to motivate your employees or customers. Sailing on our yachts encourages people to work together in limited space, getting to know each other in a lively environment whilst working towards a common goal.

Sailing combines values such as competence, reliability and flexibility with sport and lots of fun. It is a way to motivate a group to tackle challenges as a team as well as a way to get to know customers and impress them with a unique experience.


Successful incentives for successful employees

An incentive is a proven entrepreneurial tool to motivate employees and brings with it many advantages:

  • improves the appeal of the employer
  • encourages teamwork
  • improves performance
  • positively acknowledges employees
  • increases contact between colleagues
  • encourages communication


Sailing is a perfect incentive!


Find further impressions and informations, also about our team building seminars, in our brochure (in german).





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