Sailing should be fun. Sailing should be easy and safe.
It was clear to us that we would best achieve this goal by having only one type of boat.


It was not easy to make this decision. The draft couldn’t be over 1.60 meters in order to use attractive mooring spots. The boats also had to start up with little wind, and had to allow 7 people on board (wish of J+S). A trapeze would be great; definitely a motor; ready to sail and put away in just a few minutes. We tried out many different boats, but none was good enough, until the mOcean was produced.

You can use all of Sailbox’s boats with just one introductory course.

The renowned Genevan boat architects Seb Schmidt and Damien Cardenoso drew up a boat considering the constraints of Simon Brügger and Olivier Lüthold. The mOcean.  

A prototype, built by Dominik Schenk and his team in Ermatingen got us so excited that we started producing it in series for the Sailbox-fleet.

Nowadays, the boat is also produced by the well-known SPEEDWAVE shipyard on Lake Constance. During 2015 and 2016, we started on a range of detail improvements and built nowadays a second generation of the mOcean.




Length: 7.97 meters
Width:  2.20 meters
Draft: 1.60 meters
Lead ballast in the keel: approx. 45%
Weight: 1'100 kg (depending on the equipment)

  • Authorized for 7 passengers
  • Large sail 24 m2, sloop 105% 12 m2, gennaker 65 m2 (also spinnaker on request)
  • Double trapeze (but sailable without trapeze)
  • Elastic bug of PU integral foam
  • 7 life vests
  • 2 trapeze belts
  • Security equipment
  • Electric motor
  • Carbon paddle
  • Swim ladder (starting from the 2016 model)
  • Wheelchair accessible (starting from the 2015 model)
  • Ready for autopilot (some models from 2016)
  • USB plug (some models from 2016)