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Answers to frequently asked questions.
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I am a student and would like to sail with Sailbox: what should I do?

Great – we have special conditions for students. You don’t have to pay a deposit and can start sailing immediately. Just contact us. Members of ASVZ have special conditions with ASVZ and should contact them directly, either online or at one of their counters. In addition, you will learn to sail on the same boat that you can then use to sail by yourself.

What are the differences between the membership categories?

The difference between the three membership categories consists in the annual fee. The higher the fee, the lower the hourly rate. As a Sailbox-Crew-Member you can also sail without a D-license. Otherwise, the same rights and duties apply to all categories. See also the Sailbox rules (AGB).

How is my member loan (deposit) secured?

A possible loan is for the most part invested in the Sailbox fleet. Thanks to your deposit, you benefit from a larger offer. The loan is interest-free. Instead of that, we offer you a discount on the annual fee. The discount is 5 percent of the amount of your loan. When you quit Sailbox, we reimburse your loan.

Which sailing license do I need to use Sailbox?

In order to sail in Switzerland, you generally need to pass the sailing exam upon which you will be granted a D-license. If you do not live in Switzerland, you can also sail here with any equivalent sailing certification from your home country. Sailing exams from bordering countries are generally accepted. The Water and Shipping Authority from your region can give you more information concerning specific certifications.

How busy are the boats?

The utilization of the mOceans depends on the location. Most of the boats can be booked in the short term. In the lower part of Lake Zurich and on summer weekends when the weather is fine, you better book your boat a couple of days in advance. If you do not depend on a particular site, you nearly almost find an available boat within less than 15 kilometers. Even if you are not logged in, you can have a look at the booking schedules of the boats and get yourself an overview how the mOceans are used.

Who is liable for damages?

The person who causes the damage is liable for it. Because of this, it is important that you check your mOcean for damage before you sail out and make sure to report to us anything out of the ordinary. Our members are honest, and the “report the damages” system has worked well up to now.

I cannot decide between the Sailbox and SailCom. Where should I become member?

SailCom is our partner and our members can also use their boats if they have the Plus-Membership (CHF 75 per year). The best organisation for you is the one whose fleet you use the most.