TENDER is our platform for skippers & crew  > "Sailbox's Tinder"

If you want to sail with a skipper, then write her/him an SMS, an e-mail or call her/him directly (details only visible for members).

A skipper may expect non or some form of compensation, such as a jar of honey or a bottle of wine. Or a participation in the cost of this trip (up to the actual sharing price based on her/his membership type divided by number of people on board; including skipper). Settle this among yourselves beforehand.

A skipper can add, change or delete her or his offer at any time under „Upcoming reservations“.

By the way: Elvis' "Love me TENDER" has a slightly different meaning than what TENDER means for sailors ( = smaller dinghy supporting a bigger ship) or for business people (= an offer).

All these meaning are suitable for a platform where skippers and crews can find each other  - and yet TENDER is sufficiently different from TINDER.


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