Answers to frequently asked questions.
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Can events be hosted at any location?

We host our events at the locations where our yachts are stationed (see the locations section in the menu), so preferably on the following lakes: Lake Zurich (11 yachts), Lake Thun (4), Lake Constance (4), Lake Biel (3) and Lake Maggiore (2). We can also host events on other lakes, in which case we can transport the yachts or use a different class of yacht, e.g. on the Walensee, in Lucerne, in Murten Aegeri or Zug. Sailbox can host events with up to 100 people.

Who are the instructors?

Our event team consists of experienced “Qualified Skippers”. Top international sailors or Olympic competitors can also accompany you, upon request.

Does Sailbox organise the food as well?

We will gladly organise the catering or collaborate with a local supplier or restaurant. Sometimes a fire, sausages and beer are enough, sometimes more elaborate dining is called for. We are often allowed to use the facilities of a partner yacht club. We would gladly advise you according to your needs.

What is the typical plan for an event?

We will tailor the event to your wants and needs. Generally, we greet your guests alongside you at the event location. We then introduce the skippers that will take out your guests. Once on the lake, your guests will take matters into their own hands: setting sail, steering, hiking, manoeuvring etc. while our skipper explains and intervenes, if necessary. Often, we will organise a small regatta. In multiple short laps the teams can compete and experience the excitement of competition. Afterwards, we end the day with a relaxed buffet, chatting and drinking to the winners.

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