Sailing instead of owning.
You only pay to sail and for your hours on the water, not for the boat or the mooring spot. This way, sailing becomes inexpensive, because a group shares the expensive costs such as berth, boat and services.


Sailing instead of servicing.
New, modern boats are serviced professionally. In just a few movements, the boat is ready to sail and put away. You don’t have to worry about winter storage, insurance, mooring or servicing.


Discover new regions.
Reach your desired port by car or public transportation. Book your boat with the app, on the web or by phone. Feel like sailing in Tessin? On the Walensee? In the Engadin for the holidays? Always the same boat and the same equipment.


Better Sailing.
Sailing with modern boats is fun. Participants in the Olympics and America’s Cup will show you how to fly with the mOcean, the gennaker and/or how to conquer strong winds and become a better racer.


Invite – privately or publicly.
The specifically drawn “mOcean“ boat type is safe, comfortable, and can accommodate up to 7 passengers. With one or two mOceans, you can organize your own small race or group outing.


Competing instead of transporting.
There are always new forms of racing. Interclub races, zero-emission events, match races, team races…
Forget about launching and removing from the water: your boat is already waiting for you.