You’ll be able to sail on 30 mOcean yachts – as simple as "MOBILITY" car-sharing.


The introduction course takes about 3 hours. You’ll then be able to sail on 13 lakes all over the country. With the "SKIPPER HALBTAX" from 28 CHF per hour.

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Stäfa | SUI-17 "Transa"

Stäfa - einer von 5 Standorten zwischen Bellevue und Rapperswil. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem SC Stäfa, für alle zugänglich.

Zürich | SUI-41 "SIA"

Eine unserer populärsten Yachten.

Zürich | SUI-31 "Melody"

Einer unserer (bald) 4 Standorte und 5 mOceans im Zürcher Seebecken. Direkt vor der Badi Tiefenbrunnen.

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Sailbox membership categories


As a SKIPPER member, you can sail our yachts on your own, provided you have a D-license and successfully completed the intro course. There are three categories: BASIC, HALF FARE and GA.


As a CREW member, you can participate guided trips that we organize frequently ("Sundowner", Winter Sailing etc.) - without having a D license.

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