How It Works


All the advantages of having a yacht, without having to owning one. Already on 13 Swiss lakes.





All our boats are the same same boat type, so you are able to sail with all of our yachts after one single introduction.


The price includes everything: the boat, the mooring space, insurance, stay, winter storage and the electricity for the electro-engine. Our boats are fully equipped: 7 lifeswim vests, 2 trapeze belts and the standardusual safety equipment.


Already 1‘300 Sailbox-skippers regularly use our ever-growing fleet on 13  different lakes.




There are three conditions to becoming a skipper:




As a Sailbox-Crew-Member you can also sail without a D-license and without completing the introductory course, for example with a Sailbox-Skipper looking for a sailing partner or at several public group sailing events like the "sundowner" with more experienced skippers.




When sailing with a gennaker or in strong wind regions (Engadin, Sisikon am Urnersee) we want you to stay safe: you need a strong wind and/or a gennaker training in order to use our boats in these conditions. Once you have completed the necessary training, we will unlock you on the system.


If you happen to be in an accident, inform us immediately by SMS or by phone. We will assist you in looking for a solution and will take care of repairs.  You are liable for the damage in the same way you would be with a rental car. Our boats have full coverage collision insurance with a 1000 CHF deductible. You can reduce the deductible to 100 CHF by paying an additional 50 CHF each year.


We care for our boats professionally. In order to do this, we also need your help as a Sailbox skipper: let us know when a boat is not fully operational.


Our local boat supervisors take care of individual boats. If we need more help, our Sailbox serviceman, Wladimir, will lend a hand with the Sailbox service bus, or else the boat-builders from the dockyard will be of assistance.