Intro Course


During the course, we will introduce you to the mOcean, explain the yacht and how the yacht-sharing and Sailbox system work.


The intro course lasts about 3 hours. You will be allowed to sail all manoeuvres yourself, as well as manoeuvre using the motor.


We expect all our members to have a solid D-license level of sailing. The course instructor will discuss your ability to skipper a mOcean in wind up to 4 Bft. after the course. Any individual deficiencies can be remedied by attending specific courses.


If you used to sail but are out of practice, we suggest you take the refresher course before coming to the intro course. Use the >>self-evaluation form to help you judge for yourself.


The course fee (100 CHF) is to be paid on-site.


Be sure to bring white-soled shoes as well as rain-proof clothing with you.
Please note that your registration is binding and that you will be asked to pay a service charge if you deregister less than 48 hours in advance.