Sailbox & mOcean Introduction


The introduction to sailboat sharing is in two parts: the introduction to Sailbox and the introduction for the mOcean. 

Sailbox Introduction

It is about getting acquainted with Sailbox and the rules of the boatsharing, but also about being able to ask open questions directly to Sailbox. The presentation of Sailbox is done online by ZOOM. You can register via our course module.


  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Cost: 50 CHF
  • Registration: on the Sailbox website.
  • Course name: Introduction Sailbox (online)


In the second part, you learn how to use the mOcean. An instructor shows you the boat and how to use it, how to handle the engine, how to reef and how to leave the boat. To be able to see the introduction of the mOcean, you must have followed the introduction of Sailbox.


  • Duration: 3 hours (with 3-4 people)
  • Cost: 100 CHF
  • Registration: on the Sailbox website
  • Course name: Introduction mOcean EN


Please wear clean shoes with light-coloured soles and clothing that is suitable for the weather.


We expect our members to have a level of fitness at least equivalent to that required for a category D licence. After the course, the instructor will decide on your ability to independently steer a mOcean up to 4 Bft. After discussion, the instructor may recommend a refresher course, which is an excellent opportunity to acquire a mOcean routine that will allow you to take the boat on your own. 


If there are no suitable dates, please contact us below:



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