Get to know new people, share your knowledge and experience and have funs


Would you like to sail regularly with a group without the tedious task of organising? Why not try it out?

There are more than 6 spots open per evening on each mOcean. 


Fun and the joy of sailing come first and foremost at our winter sailing. At the same time, it is the perfect opportunity to get to know new people and exchange knowledge and experience. Every so often a Sailbox instructor will join the party.


Conditions of participation:
All Sailbox and SailCom Plus members are welcome to join the event. As long as there is space available we also welcome guests on board. Participation costs are 40 CHF. A minimum of three participants is required for the event to take place.





  • Fällanden
  • Herrliberg
  • Hilterfingen
  • Kreuzlingen
  • Romanshorn
  • Zürich-Bellevue
  • Zürich-Tiefenbrunnen
  • Locarno (für Kontakt Mail an Sailbox)